Today at the Interop Conference in New York, Synology America Corp.
( launched the new DS410j, a new breed of
four-bay NAS boasting the perfect combination of features and
performance with an affordable price tag for home and small business

The DS410j is designed for busy home networks and entry-level
businesses who want the flexibility of a multi-drive NAS that can
grow with them but need a feature rich and affordable unit. “This
much power and functionality has never been available in a single
unit at this price point before the DS410j”, says Doug Self, product
specialist at Synology America Corp. “Now entry-level businesses and
home users have a solution that is affordable and best of all,
doesn’t compromise on reliability or features,” adds Self.

The DS410j new design is cable-less, which means that installation of
hard drives is effortless and with each bay capable of supporting up
to 2TB HDDs (up to 8TB total), the DS410j is an affordable
alternative for anyone who wants to start out with only one or two
drives but would like to have the flexibility to add more drives
later. This allows for saving costs up front by only purchasing
enough capacity for storage needs now and saves money because drives
can be added later. The DS410j is a power saving, green model with
scheduled power on and off which not only preserves power but helps
to promote extended hard drive life.

Included with the DS410j is Synology’s exclusive Disk Station Manager
2.2, which provides all the features for sharing, streaming and
securing your data you could need. With automated backup features,
remote file sharing and multi-media streaming, the multi-function
DS410j will become the central hub or your office or home. The DNLA
compliant media server ensures compatibility and interoperability
between the DS410j and a wide range of DNLA-certified devices. Photo
Station 3, and the built-in PHP + MySQL Web Station offers an easy
way to host websites and share photos remotely. With the integrated
Surveillance Station 3, setting up a home or office surveillance
station with IP cameras was never easier.

Now with added support for Apple’s Time Machine and two iPhone
Applications; DS audio & DS photo, the DS410j is a great solution for
homes or offices that use Mac’s. The cross-platform capabilities of
Synology Disk Stations ensure that whether you are using a Mac,
Windows or Linux computer you will be able to share, stream and
backup your data across all your computers.