Ross Video ( has introduced version 4.2
software for the 1000 and 3000 series SoftMetal Video Servers,
available free to all existing SoftMetal customers.

The upgrade includes support for the Sony BVW-75 and Odetics protocol
for remote device control. MediaManger can now import, export, rename
or delete media items for the server, frame interpolated Slo-Mo via
Play Client or external Device Controller, Time Delay Instant Replay
(TDIR) option, General Purpose Interface (GPI) input and output
signals, VDCP remote port mapping, Mixed Resolution ganged recording
and playback and Integrated throttled FTP.

SoftMetal is a line of multi-definition video servers designed for
both production and master control applications. They’re available in
a variety of configurations, in both standard definition and
multi-definition models.