OWC 2 Channel Card Allows Serial ATA Connection, Faster Data Transfer

For less than $50, Other World Computing’s new OWC Serial ATA 2-Channel
PCI/PCI-X 32 Bit Controller Card with SATA and eSATA ports allows use of
two external, two internal, or both one external and one internal drive

WOODSTOCK, IL (July 19, 2006) Technology solutions provider Other World
Computing (OWC) today announced the immediate availability of its new OWC
Serial ATA 2 Channel PCI/PCI-X 32 Bit Controller Card with SATA and eSATA
ports for an introductory price of just $49.95.

Ideally engineered for use with any Power Macintosh G3 (Blue & White), G4,
or G5 system that is equipped with an available PCI or PCI-X slot, the new
OWC 2 Channel SATA Controller Card provides two unique ports for two
separate SATA/eSATA hard drive channels.

Unlike the majority of PCI cards on the market that are limited to either
internal or external drive connection, the OWC SATA Card is more versatile
than other PCI cards. Providing two channels, it lets the end user have the
option of connecting up to two SATA Internal, two eSATA External, or one
Internal and External SATA Hard Drive simultaneously. Unique to Other World
Computing, the OWC SATA Card provides the greatest flexibility available
for SATA/eSATA connectivity, letting one card support internal, external,
or combined configuration.

Use of the OWC Controller Card to facilitate use of SATA technology can
allow gains in data transfer rate and improve cabling performance. Allowing
burst transfer speeds up to 1.5 gigabytes per Second (Gbps), SATA
technology enabled through the OWC Controller Card supports bandwidth
necessary for audio and video.

Leading the industry in quality standards, Other World Computing backs the
RoHS certified OWC Serial ATA 2 Channel PCI/PCI-X 32 Bit Controller Card
with a two-year warranty. Advanced data features include full Serial ATA
1.0a specification compliance, off-loading of data I/O handling from CPU
via Bus Mastering, data protection via complete 32-bit CRC error checking
for all bits transmitted (command, data and status), and separate device
timing for Dual independent data channels to allow automatic identification
and configuring of drive types.

In addition to offering the OWC Serial ATA PCI Controller Card at an
introductory low price of under $50, Other World Computing is hosting a
huge discount sale on related ATA and Serial ATA hard drives.

The OWC Controller Card opens the door to using the wide variety of top
quality, high speed SATA hard drives available from Other World Computing.

The OWC Serial ATA PCI Controller Card is available online through
www.MacSales.com, through fine retailers, and by calling toll free (800)

About Other World Computing

Other World Computing (OWC) has been providing quality hardware products
and support to the computer universe since 1988. The Illinois-based company
had revenues exceeding $35 million USD in 2005. OWC operates the popular
www.MacSales.com e-commerce portal which features one of the largest online
catalogs of computer and iPod enhancement products including Mercury,
Neptune, and NewerTech acceleration and FireWire product lines. OWC is a
Premiere Level Apple Developer Connection member and provides extensive
technical support for Macintosh users around the world. The company
management umbrella includes leading Internet Service Providers
FasterMac.net and OWC.net, and is the area’s leading technology employer as
ranked by McHenry County Business Journal.