Quirky has released the Beamer (http://www.quirky.com/products/18),
an US$32 iPhone case with a built-in light. This light can function
both as a flash for your iPhone’s camera as well as a light to
brighten things up when necessary.

Beamer is a hard plastic, slim fitting case with a friction-fit,
two-piece design. Its base slides out for quick insertion of your
iPhone. You turn on the light by pressing the silicone button once
and the light will remain on for 10 seconds. Pressing the button
twice in a row will leave the light on indefinitely until you are
ready to turn it off; to do so, just press the button a 3rd time.

The Beamer comes equipped with a replaceable coin cell battery that
provides 10 hours of illumination. It’s available in a variety of