Cool Hunting reports that Porsche and Aston Martin will be the first automakers to support next-generation CarPlay starting in 2024.

Apple previewed the next generation of CarPlay at the 2022 Worldwide Developer Conference (yep, its debut is running a bit behind). It will support content for multiple screens within a vehicle. Apple says that deeper integration with the vehicle will allow users to do things like control the radio or change the climate directly through CarPlay, and using the vehicle data, CarPlay will render the speed, fuel level, temperature, and more on the instrument cluster.

Users will be able to personalize their driving experience by choosing different gauge cluster designs, and with added support for widgets, users will have at-a-glance information from Weather and Music right on their car’s dashboard.

Cool Hunting says that in the development of the next generation of CarPlay, car makers and Apple are forging an even closer partnership, focusing on crafting a unified yet distinct interface tailored to each vehicle. This collaboration is crucial in ensuring that the new CarPlay not only upholds the unique brand qualities and characteristics of each automaker but also allows for the creation of custom gauge clusters, layouts and widgets that resonate with their specific brand identity and ethos, the article adds.

“With the next generation of CarPlay, we partnered with automakers to design an entirely new, unified experience that enables the very best of Apple and each particular automaker,” says lan Dye, Apple’s Vice President of Human Interface Design. “It is a blend of a user’s personal experience of iPhone paired with a celebration of the strong brand identity of each automaker. The next generation of CarPlay also introduces a driving experience that leverages the advanced capabilities of the car along with the power of iPhone. We’ve designed a complete system of controls that allows for seamless interactions between vehicle functions alongside the features of iPhone.”

Cool Hunting notes that the design system introduced by Apple provides a range of options in terms of shapes, organizational structures and information presentation, enabling automakers to create displays that are both on-brand and informative. This next-gen CarPlay enables the incorporation of vehicle-specific information and features, including speed, RPMs or energy use, fuel or charge levels, temperature and odometer readings and more, into the interface.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today