SeedCode has launched GoMaps, its unlocked template for FileMaker Go that lets users view records on an editable, interactive Google Map.

By pasting the map into their layout, users can add an optional Map view to List and Form views. Map boundaries and areas are customizable, as are map pin colors. Clicking any pin displays a large popover window, displaying any fields in the FileMaker Pro database, including photos. The app is also available for Mac OS X and Windows as ProMaps 1.0.

GoMaps version 0.67 for iOS is currently available directly from SeedCode for US299 per site license. Syncing on iOS requires GoZync licenses starting at $199, plus $49 per mobile device. ProMaps version 1.0 for OS X or Windows is currently available directly from SeedCode for $299 per site license.

A Maps Package, including both GoMaps and ProMaps, is available at the discounted price of $448. GoMaps and ProMaps are available as free, 30-day demo versions. For more info go to .