Thursby Software Systems announced today that it has released
upgrades of their leading Apple Macintosh networking products,
ADmitMac and DAVE. The products are engineered for multi-processor,
multi-threaded operations under Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) in both
64-bit and 32-bit mode. The new versions will continue to support Mac
OS X 10.5 (Leopard).

Both DAVE and ADmitMac allow Macintosh systems to bi-directionally
share files and printers with Windows networks. Thursby’s products
are the only Macintosh client-side software to include support for
accessing files hosted by Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008
using Microsoft’s Distributed System (DFS). Thursby’s SMB/CIFS client
eliminates the extraneous files created on under the Windows file
system by Apple’s standard client. ADmitMac is designed for
enterprises using Microsoft Active Directory server for user and
computer control and authentication. ADmitMac provides enhanced
network security by encrypting all network communication and
enforcing applicable Windows Group Policy.

DAVE provides the file and printer sharing capabilities in both
workgroup and domain environments. It is applicable for use in
environments not requiring Active Directory support. DAVE also
provides support for many network file servers.

New to ADmitMac v5 is the ability for Windows system administrators
to manage Macintosh systems running ADmitMac using Windows Group
Policy. ADmitMac utilizes many standard Windows group policies for
establishing network configuration. Windows administrators can also
use the provided group policy templates to extend the Macintosh
computer and user attributes managed. No additional software is
required on the Windows systems. ADmitMac continues to support
Apple’s Workgroup Manager settings for sites preferring that approach.

For detailed feature and technical details, go to

These updates will be provided automatically to customers with active
Support and Upgrade Agreements. Customers who purchased ADmitMac
version 4 or DAVE version 7 licenses on or after August 1, 2009 will
also receive the new version at no charge. Customers entitled to a
no-charge upgrade will receive an email with instructions for
obtaining the download and license key.

Other customers with ADmitMac v4.x or DAVE v7.x can purchase an
upgrade from the Thursday web site.