IntelliScanner Corp. has announced IntelliScanner Comic Edition 200,
a smart barcode scanner and software package that automatically
organizes comic book collections and other media items. It bundles an
IntelliScanner barcode reader, comic software, and bonus media
software in a retro metal lunchbox package for US$129.

IntelliScanner Comic Edition offers a solution for organizing and
managing comics. With a free Internet database of over 250,000 comic
books, IntelliScanner automatically identifies comic books by issue
number, providing full details like the title, date, writer,
penciler, inker, and more — including cover art. Using advanced
barcode technology, users can build an inventory of their items and
ensure each item has an unique barcode, says Travis J. Hicks, chief
operating officer of IntelliScanner Corp.

Users can scan the barcode from a printable comic tag to pull up
comic records, add notes, or complete an inventory to make sure no
comics are missing. New statistics features let you determine the
overall value and scope of a collection.

In addition, IntelliScanner lets you organize movies, books, music,
and video games with included companion software. A free iPhone web
app offers access to comic and media database information anywhere.

The IntelliScanner Comic Edition is available with a corded, handheld
scanner, or as part of the complete IntelliScanner mini bundle,
featuring a portable barcode scanner designed to scan anywhere with a
built-in memory chip and rechargeable battery.

IntelliScanner Comic Edition is available for pre-order. Shipments
begin worldwide on Tuesday, Nov. 10. IntelliScanner is cross-platform
for Mac OS X and Windows XP/Vista and requires an available USB port.
For more info or to place a pre-order, go to