Paradigma Software ( has released
Valentina DB 4.3, an update of the columnar database for business and
developers, and and Valentina Reports 4.3, the cross-platform
database reporting solution for Windows and Mac OS X.

Valentina Database Technology Release 4.3 includes over 40 user
requested improvements to all Valentina DB products. You can now
return statistics about Valentina Server through PHP based server
calls, return names of registered databases and more. There are new
view related features; you can create temporary views not saved with
db.close and create a view if the view doesn’t already exist.

Now multiple ->Operators can be chained together. Valentina for Cocoa
includes improvements to class-based database development and date
handling, as well as additional code examples. Example code was
updated for Valentina for REALbasic to account for changes in file
handling in REALbasic. Because of the integration between Valentina
database and Valentina Reports, all features available through the
Valentina DB API (application programming interface) are accessible
through Valentina Reports.

Valentina Reports is a visual report creation and generation engine
that drops right into the Valentina DB kernel and generates charts,
graphs, complex layouts of data with groups and sub-reports, PDFs and
more. It’s available on Mac OS X and Windows and for every major
development environment — from .net to Cocoa applications on Mac OS
X. Unlimited Report deployment is available starting at US$200.

Valentina DB based products include Valentina ADK and Valentina
Developer Network for developers desiring to incorporate the
incredibly fast Valentina DB into their applications. VDN also allows
royalty free deployment of Valentina Embedded Server. Developer
solutions start at $199 for every major development environment for
Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and iPhone.

Standalone, business ready Valentina Office Server is also available
for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux, and includes full PHP development,
PDF reports generation, SSL security, Bonjour auto-lookup features
and more.