Automated Workflows, LLC Announces Automator Actions for FileMaker,
InDesign, Photoshop, and More!

Phoenixville, Pennsylvania — Automated Workflows, LLC is pleased to
announce the availability of Automator actions for use with third-party
applications, including FileMaker, InDesign, Photoshop, and more!

Automator is the latest and greatest automation technology, developed by
Apple Computer, Inc., and released with Mac OS X Tiger. Designed for all
levels of users, from novice to expert, Automator makes performing time
consuming and repetitive tasks a snap! The basic unit for automation in
Automator is called an action, and each action is responsible for
performing a single specific task. Using Automator’s interface, users can
link actions together in infinite ways to form a complete workflow that
matches their unique needs. Hundreds of actions are included with Automator
for performing tasks in Apple applications and the operating system itself.
This list can be expanded with actions made available by developers.

Automated Workflows, LLC now provides users with the ability to extend the
immense power of Automator with new actions that interact directly with
their favorite third-party applications. By extending Automator in this
manner, users are now able to begin automating repetitive and time
consuming tasks in applications including FileMaker Pro, Adobe InDesign,
and Adobe Photoshop. For Photographers, this includes the ability to add
IPTC captions, apply an Unsharp Mask filter, apply a watermark , assign a
color profile, trigger a Photoshop Action, and much more! For desktop
publishers, this means being able to begin automating even the most complex
tasks, such as catalog construction!

For example, using Automator actions available from Automated Workflows,
LLC, a workflow that opens an InDesign template, retrieves product IDs from
a FileMaker Pro database, locates photos corresponding to those IDs in
iPhoto, imports the found photos into the InDesign template, retrieves
product text from a FileMaker Pro database, imports the product text into
the InDesign template, retrieves product pricing from a FileMaker Pro
database, and imports the product pricing into the InDesign template, can
quickly and easily be created. All of this without the need for manual
processing or programming!

“Our new actions will help photographers, designers, and other users to
achieve a new level of efficiency in their daily routines, while providing
more time to focus on creativity,” says Benjamin S. Waldie, president of
Automated Workflows, LLC.

Automated Workflows, LLC’s actions are available for purchase, either
individually, or in multi-action packs. Pricing varies based on the
functionality offered, and demonstration versions of all actions are
available for download. The initial release of actions, available today,
includes the following:

Photoshop Actions
* Add IPTC Captions to Photoshop Documents
* Apply Unsharp Mask to Photoshop Documents
* Apply Watermark to Photoshop Documents
* Assign Color Profile to Photoshop Documents
* Close Photoshop Documents
* Flip Photoshop Documents
* New Photoshop Document
* Open Images in Photoshop
* Resize Photoshop Documents
* Rotate Photoshop Documents
* Save Photoshop Documents
* Trigger Photoshop Action
* Trim Photoshop Documents

InDesign Actions
* Open Documents in InDesign
* Place Images in InDesign Document
* Place Text in InDesign Document
* Save InDesign Document

FileMaker Pro Actions
* Extract Field Data From Found Set

iPhoto Actions
* Find iPhoto Item Paths

The list of available actions will continue to be expanded as new actions
are developed. Current plans include the creation of additional FileMaker
Pro, InDesign, and Photoshop actions, and the addition of QuarkXPress

Automated Workflows, LLC offers AppleScript and workflow automation
consulting services to Macintosh-based businesses. For additional
information about Automated Workflows, LLC’s Automator actions, or to
inquire about custom development of a solution, visit