Ben Rister today announced the release of Synk 5.1, the latest version of his easy-to-use synchronization and backup software. “While previous versions of Synk 5 will continue to run under Tiger, Synk 5.1 also provides additional support for the new OS, allowing backups of Tiger- based systems to run more smoothly. In addition, Synk 5.1 also offers improved symbolic link and alias handling, as well as an updated scheduler. Furthermore, Rister worked to create superior conflict detection and resolution intended to more precisely reflect a user’s intentions.” Synk 5.1 requires Mac OS X 10.3 or later and is priced at US$20 for non-commercial use, and $40 for commercial use (single-user registrations are free to education customers). In addition, Synk includes a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. A free demo is also available.