XtraLean Software has released DataLore 1.0f for Mac OS X. It’s a
front end to Spotlight hat makes it easier and faster to search and
share files both locally on one’s own computer, and on the network,
according to its developer, Hagen kaye.

He says the app uses a “Search-as-You-Type” technology for finding
files fast. It also employs “Text Shorthand” and “Special Characters”
for highly defined or more complex search patterns. DataLore is both
a Dock application and menu-bar app. The companion menu bar
application acts as a mini-server for controlling remote access for
network searches.

DataLore lets users search filenames, file types, content and more.
The search can also be restricted to search only filenames. Users can
narrow down their search results by filtering the results list by
file type or by searching using special characters to define the
search by date range, Boolean operators, wild cards, exact matches,
plus much more.

Other features include filter searches by file type, include/exclude
folders, search multiple external hard drives, and more. DataLore 1.0
requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later and is available for immediate
download from XtraLean’s web site (http://www.xtralean.com Users can
try the full-featured seven-day trial of DataLore for free before
they buy. A serial number can be purchased for CAD $19.95 and can be
used on up to five computers.

Users must have Spotlight indexing enabled. DataLore 1.0 is Universal
Binary so runs natively on both PowerPC and Intel Macs.