Clickfree ( has released the US$89.99
Transformer SE (Special Edition), which allows users to automatically
backup their irreplaceable digital photos, videos music and other
data files onto the excess storage space of any external USB hard
drive, iPod or iPhone.

It can also be used to automatically import music from any iPod or
iPhone to any computer, Mac or Windows. The Transformer SE has two
key functions; it transforms any external USB hard drive into a
Clickfree Automatic Backup solution. It also allows users to backup
their files onto the extra storage space of any iPhone or iPod.

In addition, the Transformers SE also allows you to retrieve music
collections and playlists off any iPhone or iPod with the click of a
button. This allows users to import music that had been locked on any
model iPod/iPhone to any computer.

Backup starts automatically simply connecting your USB hard drive,
iPod or iPhone to the Transformer SE. Only the excess capacity of
your device will be used: none of the existing content will ever be