Gaucho Software ( has released XRG 1.5. XRG
(X Resource Graph), an update of the open source system monitoring
application for Mac OS X. XRG will monitor your computer’s CPU usage,
memory usage, battery status, network activity, disk activity, and
machine temperature and fan speeds. XRG also has modules to display
your local weather and stock market data.

In addition to 64-Bit and Mac OS X 10.6 (“Snow Leopard”) support, XRG
1.5 also has a new CPU module for users with four or more processors.
This module has current usage bars for each core combined with a
composite CPU usage graph.

XRG 1.5 will also keep track of the amount of data you read/write to
the disks in your system. With support for more thermal sensors in
the latest Intel Macs, XRG will give you that much closer of a look
at the health of your system, according to the folks at Gaucho.
Finally, XRG 1.5 fixes several bugs and memory leaks since the last