Absoft Corpo. (http://www.absoft.com) — a developer of compilers,
debuggers and software development tools for high performance
computing — has announced general availability of the new Absoft Pro
Fortran 11.0 for x86 and x64 based Linux systems.

Release 11.0 is the first of Absoft’s high-performance,
auto-parallelizing Fortrans to include support for OpenMP multi-core
parallel programming standards and optimizations for AMD’s six-core
Opteron (Istanbul) and Intel Xeon (Nehalem) processors. Absoft’s Fx3
graphical debugger has also been upgraded to support OpenMP threads
and the Absoft multi-platform IDE, has added an OpenMP control
feature among other improvements. Supported environments include RHEL
8, SuSE 3, Ubuntu, Fedora and Mandrake. Pricing starts at US$599.
Pro Fortran v11.0 also adds a new scheduler, which has demonstrated
performance increases of up to 10% in resource-constrained
environments, according to Wood Lotz, president of Absoft. SSE4/4.2
instructions are supported, and Absoft states that third party
benchmarks confirmed again this month that Absoft Pro Fortran
produces faster code on x64 based systems than other compilers.

The Fx3 graphical debugger included with Pro Fortran v11.0 has been
upgraded to provide parallel thread support for debugging OpenMP
Fortran code, and the IDE (supported on Linux, Windows and Mac) has
added several new capabilities including: an OpenMP control feature,
customizable elements browser, improved cursor navigation, advanced
syntax checking, automatic Fortran module dependency tracking, full
TR15581 (Allocatable attributes) support, runtime environment
variables, MPI application support and project-wide code completion.
Pre-built math libraries include reference LAPACK and BLAS, and
pre-built ScaLAPACK and BLACS library f or enhanced MPI performance.

Absoft’s high-performance Pro Fortran suites are available on Mac OS
X, Windows and Linux platforms. All versions provide full support for
the native system tools and APIs, and the same look, feel and
functionality across all platforms. Contact Absoft for pricing