Texas Instruments has released a calculator for
the iPhone and iPod touch. With BAII Plus,
business professionals and students can calculate
business deals, client finances, the price of
their next Café Latte on the go and more. It’s
available for US$14.99 at the Apple App Store

Designed for iPhone-packing realtors,
accountants, stock brokers and anyone who simply
needs to make short work of simple math or
complex financial equations, the BAII Plus app
takes advantage of the iPhone’s fast CPU to
process complicated or long calculations,
according to the folks at TI. It’s equipped with
all the original calculator’s features. The
application also solves accrued interest,
amortization, cost-sell-margin, depreciation and
time-value-of-money calculations, such as
annuities, mortgages, leases and savings.