TripIt from Concur, a travel-organizing app, now makes it easier for travelers to keep their travel documents and emergency contacts organized with a new feature, Traveler Profile. With it, ravelers can store their essential travel documents, and the contacts they need the most while traveling, right within their TripIt iOS or Android mobile app.
Almost any document or contact can be stored within Traveler Profile, allowing travelers to customize their profile, so they have access to the information they need the most while on-the-go, says  says Jen Moyse, head of product at TripIt from Concur. The feature also comes with nearly 20 preset document and contact types, allowing travelers to store, including:

° Passports and more—Essential travel documents, such as passports, IDs, drivers licenses and Global Entry cards, can be stored within Traveler Profile for instant access to these documents;

° Contacts—From sitters to doctors, Traveler Profile centralizes the contacts people need the most while traveling;

° Documents and contacts for friends and family—Those traveling with a group can also use Traveler Profile to store important travel documents and contacts for their friends and family, keeping everyone’s travel information organized and in one place.
Traveler Profile lets travelers save and view important information from their TripIt app. To access the new feature, users simply visit the home screen of their TripIt app and tap on Profile. From there, users can store any document or contact they’d like access to while traveling—with the ability to view, add or edit the information directly from their mobile phone, or via the website.

The first time a document or contact is stored, or viewed, within the app, users are also required to set up a four-digit security PIN. When accessing Traveler Profile from a mobile phone, the four-digit security PIN is required before the user can view or edit any documents or contacts. For more info go to