ATTO Technology ( and LaCie
( have announced an OEM (original equipment
manufacturer) partnership designed to deliver integrated SAS/SATA and
Fibre Channel storage solutions for digital video and IT customers.

Pairing enterprise storage systems and high-performance host
adapters, the new partnership will deliver two product combinations
— the ATTO ExpressSAS R380 SAS/SATA host adapter combined with LaCie
12big Rack Serial, as well as the ATTO Celerity FC-42ES Fibre Channel
host adapter, and LaCie 12big Rack Fibre storage system. The
integrated storage solutions provide users with the ability to edit
multiple streams of uncompressed HD video, while delivering a stable
and robust RAID-protected storage infrastructure, according to Tim
Klein, president and CEO of ATTO Technology.

ATTO’s ExpressSAS R380 combines x8 PCIe technology and 3Gb/s SAS
speeds to deliver RAID-protected connectivity to the 12big Rack
Serial. The ATTO Celerity FC-42ES features up to 800MB/s performance,
and when combined with the 12big Rack Fibre allows for path failover
and high-availability in Mac environments.