Projectur (, a provider of on-demand
project and collaboration management software designed for small to
medium-sized businesses, will be rolling out Projecturf 2.0 — a new
project collaboration tool. And it’s Mac compatible. Pricing starts
at US$29.99 per month.

Projecturf 2.0 maintains the web-based project management software’s
signature navigational scheme and features, including unlimited file
storage with no cap on users or project managers, sections
specifically created for developers and designers, and almost no
learning curve, according to the folks at Projecturf. Version 2.0
purportedly takes advantage of the recent advances in browser-side
programming languages to deliver a fast product that eliminates
clicks and provides immediate feedback.

A new ticketing/bug tracking system that contains ticketing numbers,
open/closed ticket logs, timecard integration, and the ability to
upload screenshots. There will also be a section to store and share
formatted code snippets for developers and programmers.

Features and sections have been enhanced. New additions include:
drag-and-drop of calendar events, contact groups, a shortcut to
recent projects, simple integration between sections. Users can
change the background, new privacy settings, customizable email
notifications, and the system now supports multiple administrators.
Admins have full rights to make changes to the account, add new
projects, and assign project managers and users.

New tasks section: includes tasks and nested subtasks. New features
include: recurring tasks; assigning tasks to multiple people or
predefined groups; writing notes and comments on tasks; and creating
timecard entries for each task. A full event calendar has been added
with drag and drop functionality and integration with all tasks.
Users can set repeat events, write notes for events, and choose the
time of day.