Objectpark Software
(http://www.objectpark.net/mcc.html) has released
MenuCalendarClock for iCal version 4, an update
of the calendar tool for the menu bar. The
upgrade adds the capability to create, edit and
delete iCal events.

Being 100% compatible with iCal — including
Exchange, Google Calendar and Yahoo Calendar
subscriptions — makes MenuCalendarClock the most
complete iCal integrated menu calendar and clock
application for Mac OS X, according to the folks
at Objectpark Software. It’s available in
English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese
and several other languages.

The basic feature set is completely usable free
of charge. Some features require a registration
available for ¤14.95/$19.95 from the Objectpark
web store. Upgrading MenuCalendarClock from
version 3 is provided free of charge for
registered users.