Extensis (http://www.extensis.com) has released
Suitcase Fusion 2 version 13.2, an update of its
next generation solution for single-user font
management. The new version is compatible with
Mac OS X 10.6 (“Snow Leopard”).

This product update will also include:

° Adobe InDesign and Illustrator CS2 plug-ins powered by Font Sense technology;

° Support for TrueType Collection fonts,
including the updated Snow Leopard system fonts.

Current Suitcase Fusion 2 users on Mac OS X 10.5
or higher will receive this maintenance update at
no cost. All current users of Suitcase Fusion 1
are eligible for upgrade pricing.

English, French, and German versions of Suitcase
Fusion 2 are now available for download from the
Extensis web site. Suitcase Fusion 2 is available
at an estimated retail price of US$99.95, for the
full product and for an estimated retail price of
$49.98 for upgrades from Suitcase X1 or newer.
Volume licensing and annual service agreements
are available upon request.