Raidon ( has announced GearRAID Quad-bay RAID 5
Data Storage Subsystems with high level data protection and 6TB large
capacity. They’re equipped with RAID chip to support high level RAID
5 protection,

GearRAID Quad-bay data storage Solutions enable to backup data
instantly and automatically. They also support to tolerance one hard
drive failed, which means the backup data saved in the storage will
sustain the system working while a hard drive is failed.

With its built-in Oxford936QSE chip, GearRAID Data Storage Subsystems
is capable of delivering maximum 6TB volume with four 2TB hard drives
at the moment. What’s more, better sequential performance is provided
as well.

GearRAID quad-bay data storage subsystems come with two different
form factors. The tower type covered with varnish piano front panel
and durable aluminum case is designed for the office requiring a
credible storage for setting up with workstation.

Another rackmout type subsystem, covered with dull polish silver
aluminum case and enabling to fit well with sever shelf, is designed
for being used with file servers. Both tower and rackmount types
support eSATA, 1394b and USB2.0 host interfaces. Contact Raideon for