Flexera Software’s (www.flexerasoftware.com) AdminStudio Suite, a unified application readiness solution for packaging, virtualisation and management, has added Mac support along with that for Windows and mobile applications.

In addition, the company unveiled the latest release of Workflow Manager, a web-based end-to-end IT process management solution that tracks service-level agreements using out-of-the-box automation for change and asset management. It also standardizes, coordinates and streamlines procurement, preparation, deployment, audit and retirement processes for engineers to get ahead of backlog packaging requests, and prepare for more frequent application update and migration projects.
AdminStudio Suite 2016 has added support for preparing Mac applications for reliable deployment to JAMF Software Casper Suite. These new capabilities will help organizsations keep up with the increasing use of Mac computers in the enterprise and accelerated update and upgrade cadence. In addition to accelerating Mac and Windows migrations, AdminStudio Suite 2016 delivers myriad other new features enhancing organizations’ Application Readiness, including:
°  Provisions virtual machines: Virtual machine automation for repackaging and testing saves time and improves packaging speed and quality.

° Tests for Microsoft Azure compatibility: Ensures Web applications are compatible and can be hosted on Windows Server and Azure platforms.

° Tests EXE installers for OS compatibility and virtualization suitability: Automatically identifies MSI packages nested in EXE bootstrapper and tests to determine operating system compatibility. Runs virtualisation tests against nested MSIs to determine suitability for virtualization.

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