Speck has released new cases colors and styles for the fourth gen iPod touch. Among them are:

° GeoMetric, an US$29.95 flexible and slim protective case with triangular contrasting-textured facets. The texture is designed to provides a better grip with its contoured form-fit design. The GeoMetric is available in black, cyan and purple.

° Fitted, a $29.95, form-fit fabric-wrapped two-piece hard shell case that protects from scratches and scuffs and is soft-touch finished for a comfortable grip. It’s available in MisKerChief Red, TastyCakes Pink, SpexyHexy Purple, TartanPlaid White, Darkest Tartan Plaid, Dalmatian Houndstooth and CookieCamo Brown.

° PixelSkin HD, a $24.95, flexible high-contrast skin case with a smooth HD pixel texture. It boasts a contoured, single-piece skinny fit and is available in black, purple and bright red.

° PixelSkin, a $24.95 rubbery matte finish case with an “extra-grippy grid texture.” It’s available in black, Kelly Green, hot pink, cyan and purple.

° SeeThru and SeeThru Satin, a $29.95 one-piece flexible hard shell case with a rubberized edge and button cover. The soft-touch finished SeeThru Satin offers an extra-smooth comfortable grip and a frosted appearance. The SeeThru is available in clear, while the SeeThru Satin is available in black and dark blue.

° CandyShell, a $34.95 hard shell case with soft, rubberized interior lining and button covers. It’s available in Batwing Black, Moonsicle White, LoveHate Pink, PaleMoon Grey and MoonRock Grey.

° ShieldView Protective Screen Films ($9.95) protects iPod touch screens from scratches and smudges with a glossy finish. It’s non-adhesive, easy to apply/remove and comes in a three pack.

For more information about Speck’s cases for the fourth gen iPod touch, go to http://www.speckproducts.com/ipod-audio/ipod-touch-4th-gen.html .