Equinux and Hauppauge say they’re defining mobile TV for Mac users
through the iPhone. The Tube supports the newly announced TV receiver
myTV HVR 390 C that can receive unencrypted digital cable,
terrestrial broadcast (DVB-T/DTT) and analog TV signals.

Through the unique iPhone integration offered by the TV software The
Tube, Mac users can use this hybrid TV tuner to enjoy and record
digital or analog television on their Mac. For those with an iPhone
this content can also be streamed live to their phone. Additionally,
iPhone users can watch The Tube recordings, organize their libraries
and even schedule future recordings all from their iPhone.

Through collaboration with Hauppauge, Mac users get a double benefit:
with the broad offer of digital and analog TV programs with the TV
receiver myTV-930C, and with the iPhone integration in The Tube,
according to says equinux CEO Till Schadde.

“A single TV tuner with support for the three major TV standards in
Europe, digital cable DVB-C, digital over-the-air DVB-T and PAL TV,
has been a requested feature by our Mac customers”, says Ken Plotkin,
president of Hauppauge. “Now, with tri-mode TV format support from
The Tube, the Hauppauge myTV-930C gives Mac users TV from more types
of sources than ever before.”

Today The Tube 2.9.4 expanded its compatibility by supporting almost
30 of the latest TV receivers on Mac OS X. A list of all compatible
devices can be viewed on the web site of equinux

Equinux offers the Hauppauge Hybrid TV Stick (HVR-930), together with
The Tube for EURO 89.95 in its online store. Tube is also available
as a software download for only EURO 39.95 (incl. VAT.), Live TV is
available for EURO 2.99 Euro, and TubeToGo is free on the Apple App