Toon Boom Animation has released Flip Boom
Classic 3
(, a
new and improved version of Flip Boom Classic.
Kids of age six and up will be amazed how easily
they can create characters and bring them to life
at the touch of a button. Winner of the 2008
Parent’s Choice Gold Award and 2009 Canadian New
Media Awards in the Children’s category, Flip
Boom Classic has also been selected as Editor’s
Choice by the prestigious Children’s Technology

What’s new in Flip Boom Classic 3?
° Drag-and-drop ready made drawings from the library to your animation;

° Save your favourite drawings in the library for
future use o Select from various brush shapes to
create stylish drawings;

° Export your animation directly to your iPod and share it with friends;]

° Export your animation to your Facebook or
YouTube accounts with the direct upload feature;

° Choose from two sample projects to start from
and create your own animation in seconds o
Improved overall performance

Buy Flip Boom Classic 3 now for US$39.99 US and
get two sets of ready-to-animate clipart free.
Current Flip Boom customers can upgrade to the
Classic version for $12.99. Flip Boom Classic 3
runs on Mac OS X (10.4 and higher), Windows XP,
and Vista.