eZedia Releases eZediaQTI 2.1 =D0 Dynamic Multimedia Authoring for the Web

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA – May 14, 2004 – eZedia Inc., a leader in digital-media
software technology, announced today, the release of eZediaQTI 2.1.

“eZediaQTI 2.1 takes full advantage of Apple’s new operating system,
Panther, and is the first of its kind to give users a quick-and-easy way to
create rich media web deliverable content as interactive QuickTime movies
or as HTML pages,” said Stefan Embleton, President and Founder, of eZedia
Inc. “This new release breaks even more boundaries by offering advanced
Painting features for creating and editing images, and a new Web Page
Generator, giving users the ability to produce dynamically visual web sites
quickly and easily.”

eZediaQTI is interactive QuickTime authoring software for creating rich
internet content and movies. Users can quickly combine and enhance video,
graphics, animation, sound, VRs, and text to create web sites, Internet
banners, online presentations, and interactive videos – all with no
programming knowledge required.

eZediaQTI 2.1 retails for $99 USD, and is currently available for Mac OS X
and can be purchased online at www.ezedia.com. A Windows version of
eZediaQTI 2.1 will be released in mid-2004.

About eZedia Inc.
Founded in 1994 by Stefan Embleton, eZedia Inc. has become a leader in
digital-media software technology. The company derives its name from the
phrase “easy media,” underscoring its corporate focus on the delivery of
easy-to-use and easy-to-learn digital media authoring and development

eZedia is committed to providing intuitive software that simplifies the
creation, integration, and delivery of digital media for people at work,
home, and school.

eZedia’s growing family of products currently include eZediaMX, eZediaQTI,
eZeMatte for iMovie, eZeScreen for iMovie, eZeClip for iMovie, eZediaMotion
for iMovie, and eZedia Plug-ins for iMovie: V1. More information about
eZedia Inc. is available at (http://www.ezedia.com)http://www.ezedia.com.