Ten One Design (http://www.tenonedesign.com), creators of the Pogo
Sketch, the first stylus for MacBook trackpads, have launched
Autograph — a new signature application compatible with Mac OS X
10.6 (“Snow Leopard”).

For a limited time only, Ten One Design customers purchasing the Pogo
Sketch for just $14.95 can get a free licensed download of the
application; both must be placed in the shopping cart at the same
time to receive this offer. The application alone can be purchased
for $6.95 and allows users to capture their signatures and create
sketches on MacBook trackpads.

After signing the trackpad using the Pogo Sketch, the signature is
automatically inserted into Microsoft Word, Mail, Pages, text
documents and even iChat. Other features of the application include
the ability to undo/redo strokes with a 3-finger swipe motion, quick
launch capabilities and biometric information captures all the things
that make a signature uniquely yours. Users can even control pen
color and stroke width.