Apple topped the “2010 Computer Reliability Report” from Rescuecom (, a company that provides homes and businesses with 24/7 computer repair and support.

Apple had an overall score of 365. Other companies in the top five, and their scores, were: Asus (305), IBM/Lenovo (305), Toshiba (199) and HP/Compaq (149).

Rescuecom determines the reliability of a manufacturer by comparing their market share of shipped computers, weighed against the percentage of computer support calls Rescuecom handles for that same manufacturer. (Rescuecom lists Apple has having 8% of US market share.)

Higher scores indicate better reliability. Reliability is attributed to a combination of two areas: quality of components used by a manufacturer, and the success of after sale support provided by the manufacturer. Low-quality components lead to more frequent repairs, and a lack of manufacturer support will lead to customers seeking outside support options, such as Rescuecom.