SeeFile Software (, a leading developer of web
server software for sharing media files, has updated SeeFile to
version 4.7. This new version offers a web interface, a media bank
and a delivery system accessible from any standard web browser.

The new development includes backend changes, making page loads and
image processing faster, optimizing the layout, and adding
functionality, according to the folks at SeeFile Software. They say
that SeeFile 4.7 includes the following new features: email
notifications; a complete log history per user and action;
annotations on multi-page PDF files; and support for current web
browsers (Firefox 3.5, Safari 4 and Internet Explorer 8).

The system monitors shared folders and volumes, tracking any changes
in the file structure. When a change occurs, SeeFile instantly
updates its databaseand web interface to synchronize with the file
structure. Also, whileSeefile is detecting changes it automatically
renders previews and imports metadata. The software is priced from
US$499 to $4,995, depending on the number of user licenses.