Audio-Technica ( has released 11 new
ATR series microphones esigned for home recording, live performance,
computer and camcorder use and other non-professional applications.
The new include the ATR1500, ATR1300, ATR1200 and ATR1100
vocal/instrument mics, the ATR6550, ATR6250, ATR4697 and ATR3350
specialty mics, the ATR4700 and ATR4600 computer mics and the ATR5200
headset microphone.

The ATR1500 dynamic vocal/instrument microphone (US$49.95) is
engineered for clear, detailed vocal and instrument reproduction.
Built for on-stage use, its cardioid response pattern reduces pickup
of sounds from the sides and rear, for improved isolation of the
vocalist or instrument being miked, and resistance to feedback. The
ATR1500 features metal construction and an on/off switch, and comes
with a detachable 15-foot XLR cable and stand clamp.

The ATR1300 ($29.95) dynamic microphone has a unidirectional pickup
pattern for smooth, focused response without feedback. It’s designed
for vocal and instrument use, touts an all-metal construction and
high-quality element (the part of the mic that converts sound waves
into audio signals). The ATR1300 comes with an on/off-switch,
detachable 16.5-foot XLR cable and a stand clamp.

The Audio-Technica ATR1200 cardioid and ATR1100 unidirectional
dynamic microphones ( $19.95 and $9.95, respectively) feature a
precision element for clear and natural audio reproduction, and an
on-off switch. They come with a cable with 3.5mm mini-plug and
1/4-inch plug adapter.

For video enthusiasts, Audio-Technica’s ATR6550 condenser shotgun
microphone and ATR6250 stereo condenser video/recording microphone
($99.95 and $69.95) offer an upgrade in sound quality from typical
built-in camcorder mics. The ATR6550 features a highly directional
“Tele” range setting engineered to pick up sound from a distance
while rejecting ambient noise. The ATR6250 provides stereo audio
pickup from a single-unit design. Both models feature
high-performance condenser elements.

The ATR4697 condenser boundary microphone ($39.95) is designed for
placement on a table or desktop, and has an omnidirectional
(360-degree) pickup pattern for meetings, teleconferencing and
desktop computer use. Designed for podcasting, the ultracompact
ATR4700 ($12.95) and ATR4600 ($7.95) plug into a computer’s
microphone input, and have flexible goosenecks for easy positioning.

The ATR5200 headworn mic ($49.95) is designed for hands-free gaming,
computer and other recording applications. The ATR3350 miniature
lavalier mic (39.95) clips onto the wearer’s clothing and is
engineered for accurate, intelligible voice reproduction. The
microphone is well suited for video use, and for dance, aerobics and
sports instructors.