Kinivo has introduced their newest personal audio solution: the US$24.99 BTM440, a wireless Bluetooth-connected mono headset. Features include advanced noise cancellation through an optimized microphone and a lightweight, comfortable fit for extended wear.

Kinivo’s BTM440 integrated rechargeable lithium-ion battery purportedly delivers more than four hours of active talk time or 150 hours while in standby mode. To recharge Kinivo’s BTM440, simply plug the headset into the included micro-USB charging cable and connect to your computer or wall outlet

This sleek in-ear headset with a thin wraparound style is designed for extended wear, allowing users to stay comfortably connected for long periods of time, says Kinivo Vice President of Operations Neeraj Srivastava. BTM440’s microphone placement provides crystal clear phone calls, he adds.

Kinivo’s BTM440 is available now at and