Griffin Technology ( has released MIDIConnect, an US$79.99 MIDI in and out interface for the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. It offers musicians a compact and portable solution to create and edit music on the go, says Ethan Opelt, line manager of Griffin’s Audio category.

MIDIConnect adds a MIDI input and output to iOS devices. It allows you to plug MIDI keyboards and other MIDI-capable devices into an iPad, iPod touch or iPhone. You can play your MIDI instrument straight into GarageBand or other MIDI-capable apps, or download MIDI Controller apps to use the MIDI out port and your touchscreen in performance, as a MIDI controller.

Both MIDI in and out ports are industry-standard 5-pin DIN connectors, compatible with most commonly available MIDI cables and connectors. The MIDIConnect will be on display at Summer NAMM in Nashville from July 12-14.