CSOdessa has released a training pack designed for ConceptDraw
Office. The ConceptDraw Office Training Pack consists of a number of
short instructional videos, which demonstrate user scenarios and some
important functionality in ConceptDraw Office.

Also included in the training pack are Tips and Tricks documentation,
Samples Gallery and many other start-up tools to help users discover
the capability behind ConceptDraw Office.

“Since the release of ConceptDraw Office we have had a large number
of customers ask us for training materials so they could get up to
speed faster. Many times adoption of a more effective way to manage a
business process is slowed because of employee product training
issues, the ConceptDraw Office Training Pack helps minimizes any
training issues associated with the first steps involved in using a
new tool,” says Oleg Bocharnikov, Head of Product Management
Department for CS Odessa.

Julia Fedorenko, Head of Marketing, further states, “We looked at
what was being asked by our users, and put together a self-paced
training pack that guides one from some very basic operations in
ConceptDraw Office to more complex and powerful operations. The
training pack has both instructional and reference materials that are
designed to quickly move someone from start-up mode to a solid
foundation of knowledge.” CS Odessa provides ConceptDraw Office
Training Pack as a no charge service to all customers.

You can read more about and download a ConceptDraw Office trial and
the companion ConceptDraw Office Training Pack at: