WorldSync, Inc. today shipped fmDataGuard 2.0, automatic change
logging, backup and recovery software, now with zero initialization
delay and dramatic performance increases.

Now for the first time, fmDataGuard customers see a regular run-time
speed increase anywhere from a significant 50 percent to a dramatic
200 percent, depending on their configuration. In addition,
fmDataGuard customers no longer experience any waiting period for
initial log creation. Combined, elimination of an initialization
delay and the stunning performance increases provide data protection
with low overhead.

fmDataGuard provides solutions built with FileMaker Pro software with
the technological basis for regulatory audit trail compliance, logs
all data views and changes, and allows for instant data rollback or
quick recovery from a crash or corruption.

fmDataGuard 2.0 introduces a new Log Reflection feature that allows
end-users to hover over any field to quickly access log information
about its change history. Now, if Log Reflection is desired, the
administrator simply assigns a generic calculation formula to desired
fields. fmDataGuard 2.0 also now provides a new differencing engine
to show changes between various versions of a field. Changes are
shown in a manner familiar to anyone who has used the Track Changes
feature on a word processing application.

“Beyond recovery from a crash or data corruptions, fmDataGuard makes
it much easier for companies and organizations to comply with various
regulations,” explained Jason Erickson, president and CEO of
WorldSync, Inc. “Over the past year, we’ve added a few end-user
features, added a new differencing engine and overhauled the
architecture to make it much faster. fmDataGuard is easier than ever
to set up and use, which means even companies who aren’t required to
comply with regulations simply have a better backup.”

“fmDataGuard 2.0 is incredibly easy to implement and significantly
improves the day-to-day operation of the auditlog process,” explained
Carl Henshall, owner of Cutting Edge Software. “One of our solutions
generates thousands of auditlog records daily, resulting in a file of
several gigabytes. The new fmDataGuard 2.0 lets us implement a small
file with the latest changes, archived into a large file weekly,
which then only needs to be backed up weekly rather than twice daily.”

fmDataGuard provides complete audit trail capture, with no scripting,
layout modifications, or custom development required. fmDataGuard can
capture all Add, View, Change and Delete actions to a separate table,
keeping a field-level change history. When properly implemented,
fmDataGuard 2 can meet the audit log requirements for regulatory
mandates such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, and
European Union Privacy (Basel II) and Payment Card Industry Data
Security Standards (PCI DSS).

In addition, fmDataGuard makes it easy to recover from a crash or
corruption, and to revert undesired data modifications. fmDataGuard
empowers administrators to roll back data in a single button click.
Similarly, administrators can roll forward to reconcile the last good
backup with the current state of the database, hence updating the
backup, all in one button click. fmDataGuard supports logging of
custom events, such as user login and logout, report generation and
more. Developers can set fmDataGuard to send dynamic SQL queries,
opening up the ability to more powerfully access and modify their
FileMaker databases. Setup of fmDataGuard is an easy four-step
process, with an optional fifth step to capture Viewed records.

fmDataGuard 2.0 is available today directly from WorldSync, Inc.,
priced at US$1250 for a new server license, or US$937.50 for an
upgrade license to current customers.

Small companies and those wanting to try fmDataGuard 2.0 on a more
limited basis can do so using a US$150 per user license (US112.50
upgrade for current customers). Vertical application developer
licenses are available for US$1850 per application, allowing
developers to embed fmDataGuard 2.0 capabilities within their
application. Current vertical development customers can upgrade
capabilities to fmDataGuard 2.0 for US$1387.50 per application.

fmDataGuard requires FileMaker Pro 8.5 or higher and FileMaker Server
8.0v4 or higher. fmDataGuard is available immediately from WorldSync,
Inc. at