Group Logic has announced the immediate availability of
ArchiveConnect (
Available now, ArchiveConnect enables organizations with Mac desktops
to take full advantage of the benefits of file archiving and
hierarchical storage management solutions.

It provides end-users with a way to identify and access archived
files. It also eliminates inadvertent recalls of archived files by
Finder previews, Quick Look and Cover Flow, an issue that has impeded
the adoption of file archiving, according to the folks at Group Logic.

“Gartner expects that the file archiving and HSM markets will
continue to grow quickly with a CAGR [compound annual growth rate] of
19.2 percent through 2012,” says Carolyn DiCenzo, vice president of
research at Gartner, Inc. “Note also that the recent market share
gains of the Macintosh have made support for mixed Windows/Mac
environments a deal breaker in many organizations. In the last year,
I have seen the requirement for support of the Mac appear in an
increasing number of bids, a trend that I expect will continue.”

ArchiveConnect is a lightweight plug-in to Mac OS X clients that
enhances the behavior of the Finder so that users can identify and
access archived files without triggering unnecessary file recalls.
ArchiveConnect controls the Mac Finder’s advanced user features so
that they are only applied to online files, thereby ensuring that
offline or archived files are not inadvertently recalled, says T.
Reid Lewis, Group Logic CEO.

ArchiveConnect also allows users to view small “pointer” or “stub”
files that point to archived files. This allows users to go to one
file server to see a directory of both online and offline files.
ArchiveConnect allows users to either double-click on archived files
to restore them or, if required by an administrator, right-click or
control-click on the file to explicitly request that the file is
brought online.

Group Logic offers three complementary product lines. One is
ArchiveConnect. Another is ExtremeZ-IP, a Windows-based AFP file and
print server that allows Macs to connect with Windows servers. The
third is MassTransit, whch helps employees, partners and customers
share files across the digital supply chain.