Under the theme “Brand & Community Publishing,” WoodWing
(http://www.woodwing.com) will present cross-media publishing
solutions and strategies enabling publishers to manage their content,
their brands and the respective communities at the IFRA Expo, which
will be held Oct. 12-15 in Vienna, Austria.

“By modern technologies everybody has the power to publish,” says
Erik Schut, president of WoodWing Software. “That is the reason why
professional publishers now face the devaluation of information. Many
of them are afraid of the future. But by implementing a modern
multi-channel publishing solution, the situation could also turn out
into a major chance by delivering information of proven journalistic
quality and by performing with virtuosity in the new world of
cross-media publishing. In that new world maintaining the publication
brand is a mission critical task.” Schut is confident: “In the end
quality catches on – we all saw that in so many different markets.”

Today it is essential to address all different channels like e-mail,
SMS and mobile plus the full range of social media platforms like
Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and Facebook. Erik Schut, he adds. At the
IFRA Expo, WoodWing will roll out: Enterprise 6.5 (the latest version
of its cross media content publishing platform), Content Station (a
cross media “control center”), and a Smart News iPhone application to
bring every publishers its own branded iPhone application.