Dopplr (, an online service for smart travel,
today announced the launch of Dopplr — The Social Atlas, a free
iPhone application available at the Apple App Store.

Wherever you are, you can use it to find nearby recommended places to
eat, stay and explore. If you make new discoveries of your own, you
can add them to the Social Atlas with a few taps of your finger.
Every new addition helps to expand the Social Atlas, which is
starting small but growing rapidly with the input from Dopplr
travellers using their mobile devices, says Marko Ahtisaari, Dopplr

You don’t even need an account at to use the app. The
built-in directory of city tips and advice works for everyone. But if
you do have a Dopplr account, the application offers a social
location-based experience. You can keep in touch with your fellow
travelers, find out what city and time zone they are in, and what
future trips they have planned. You can view your own planned trips,
and find co-incidences when fellow travellers will be nearby. You can
even contact them directly from inside the app.