EditShare (http://www.editshare.com) has released Flow and XStream.
The former is an acquisition solution that captures in one format and
simultaneously outputs to multiple formats including Apple ProRes 422
and Avid DNxHD as well as low-res proxy formats.

Features include multi-channel ingest with independent control over
each channel, full metadata capture, and edit-while-recording
capabilities. All EditShare Flow systems are ready for EditShare’s
forthcoming Universal Media File technology, which creates a single
media file that can be used in both Avid and Final Cut Pro editing
environments. Universal Media File support will ship in a free
upgrade to Flow 1.0 customers later this year.

The EditShare Flow Browse application is designed to simplify and
accelerate media searches within the EditShare storage environment.
Users can locate media among hundreds of thousands of clips.
EditShare Flow Browse supports proxy viewing outside the nonlinear
editing application for optimal viewing on the EditShare Media Space,
annotation of metadata forms, and the ability to drag and drop media
into an Avid or Final Cut Pro bin.

EditShare XStream is EditShare’s fifth generation, shared storage
solution for DI and broadcast workflows. Each XStream 16-drive
chassis processes over 1GB per second. Users can combine multiple
XStream chassis for more performance.