Uniea (http://www.uniea.com) has unveiled updates of four of their
cases that will work with the newly-released iPhone 3Gs from Apple.
The collection of cases includes the U-Suit Premium, U-Skin,
U-Motion, and the U–Suit Folio Premium. They join Uniea’s new
U-Glance iPhone hard case.

The U–Suit Folio Premium will offer improved features, allowing
access to the headset plug-in and the volume-control, while offering
protection in style. The U-Suit Premium and U-Suit Folio Premium both
feature soft leather construction. The U-Suit Premium comes in three
leather options, the signature leather model, a Napa leather model,
and an Intrecciato leather model, all in black.

Additionally, the other two cases in the new iPhone 3Gs series, the
U-Skin and the U-Motion, will still retain their features, with the
U-Skin still offering an embossed texture in its rubberized exterior,
but now with three more added color options in metallic red, blue,
and green. The U-Motion will retain its soft neoprene construction
and sporty armband as well.

Finally, Uniea has just added one final model to the new line of
iPhone 3Gs cases, a leather hip case. It’s designed for those looking
for a roomy case that attaches to their belt and provides quick
access to their iPhone.

The new U-Glance is offered in red, orange, yellow, green, blue,
purple, black, and transparent. It sports a combination of TPU and PC
plastic components, such as the back plate, which is constructed of
PC, but is lined with TPU in order to protect the edges of the case.
The U-Glance has an open front feature, which allows the user to have
access to the touch panel of the phone while fully protecting the
sides and back of the device and providing access to ports and
switches. A rubberized button cover that allows for use also protects
all switches and buttons.

While the cases will not be available until a further official
announcement from Uniea, they will eventually be available for
purchase both at the online store at www.uniea.com as well as through
the various vendors and resellers of Uniea products worldwide.