CardLogix (, which specializes in smart
cards and software for secure digital authentication, and
Charismathics (, which specializes in IT
security components and identity management middleware, have
formalized their partnership.

Charismathics is now a Smart Partner, supporting its solutions with
CardLogix SIMs and smart cards. Together, these products form a
solution for securing identity on mobile handsets and other devices.
The two companies combine expertise in cryptography to produce
solutions for digital authentication.

The CardLogix mobile telecom platform consists of SIMs, as well as
operating system and development software, designed to speed
development of mobile solutions of any kind, from NFC to Digital
Signatures. CardLogix offers a choice of Java Card, Native Delos, and
custom USIM operating systems, with a wide choice of capacities and
functionalities. System development is streamlined with VirtuoSimo
for universal wireless development, testing, and debugging; Geode,
for applet development; and S@T Manager, for creation of S@T

Charismathics features products such as iEnigma, which provides an
identity and security solution for mobile PDA cellphones, leveraging
the functionality of a smart card to store and transmit encrypted
data. iEnigma lets you integrate two-factor authentication, e-mail
and document encryption into mobile communications. iEnigma also
allows users to utilize multiple digital identities and digital
signatures to sign documents and protect their identity.

According to the folks at Charismatics, their CSSI middleware
supports the Mac and is due for release in mid-July. This allows
users to support smart cards and tokens on Macs via Apple TokenD and
PKCS/11 interfaces.This solution will be sold through the Apple
Consultants Network and Charismatics’ standard sales channels. The
iEnigma product, due in the fourth quarter, runs on the IPhone and
iPod touch, and urns these devices into a smart card-like device to
manage your digital identity for authentication, encryption, and
digital signature.

Today, cell phone and mobile handsets are used for online banking,
access to social networking sites, e-mail, and online purchases. The
smart phone is an extension of your digital world, linking you with
your computer and Internet. The charismathics and CardLogix
partnership brings to market solutions that increase security for
your digital identity on smart phones and mobile handsets, enabling
the use of hardware authentication methods, says CardLogix CEO Bruce