QuickerTek has announced a new wireless Internet and networking USB
device that purportedly triples the wireless range of any Apple
laptop. This new, US$89.95 Quicky Jr. II
(http://www.quickertek.com/products/quicky_jr_ii.php) is compatible
with the Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station as well as almost every
other 2.4GHz wireless equipment users are likely to run into while

Quicky Jr. II simply plugs into the USB port of any Mac laptop. The
single driver makes it all work, and there are no extra steps to
immediate wireless satisfaction, according to the folks at QuickerTek.

Quicky Jr. II weighs half an ounce so can fit in a shirt pocket. No
external power is needed. Quicky Jr. II is fully compatible with all
devices rated for 802.11n, 802.11b and 802.11g networking in addition
to the Apple AirPort Extreme Base Stations. That means users can get
up to 15 megabit per second transfer rates. Quicky Jr. II also sports
64/128 bit WEP/WPA encryption.