Ecamm Network has begun shipping the world’s first webcam with
Bluetooth wireless technology. The new BT-1 (
combines high-quality video and sound with complete freedom from

The new webcam integrates advanced technologies to allow video and
sound to be sent through the air to most any Mac. The BT-1 streams
640×480 H.264 video and AAC audio to video applications such as iChat
and Skype, taking advantage of Mac OS X’s rich media capabilities to
provide a seamless wireless webcam experience.

Designed for video chat, the BT-1 frees Mac users from the
constraints of a built-in camera, allowing for maximum versatility in
camera position. The included mini-tripod makes for easy desktop

First announced in January, the product received high marks from
visitors to Macworld Expo 2009, where Ecamm took home a Best of Show
award. “Bringing this new class of wireless products to market is
very exciting,” says Ecamm Network’s Glen Aspeslagh. “Mac users will
be impressed with the quality and ease of use that we’ve built into
the BT-1.”

The BT-1 Wireless Webcam is currently available from for
$149 plus shipping.