Apago Inc., a software technology company that provides innovative
solutions to transform digital documents, today announces an upgrade
to PDF Enhancer 3.5, a powerful production tool for the creation,
automation, and optimization of PDF documents. Newly rearchitectured,
PDF Enhancer 3.5 is a faster and more robust application for
individual or batch processing of PDF files. Used by publishers of
all sizes to produce a wide range of PDF files, from brochures to
electronic editions of magazines and newspapers, this invaluable
production tool creates the highest-quality, smallest size, and most
reliable PDF documents possible for specific output purposes. In
addition to greater power for PDF-based workflows, the upgrade
improves font handling and color management, supporting more device
link profiles and color patterns. PDF Enhancer 3.5 is free for 3.x
users and is slated to be available this summer for download from
Apago’s online store at http://store.apago.us.

“Our technical manuals can be as large as 250 MB. I rely on PDF
Enhancer to clean and remove unnecessary metadata from as many as
6,000 files,” states a production manager for a major defense
company. “With PDF Enhancer, files open faster, and we can quickly
scroll through large documents. For example, PDF Enhancer reduces
a 150 MB file that takes 4 minutes to open and 90 seconds to
scroll through to a manageable 110 MB file that takes just 8 seconds
to open and .25 seconds to scroll through. This is a huge
time-savings for us. PDF Enhancer meets our high-volume and
workflow-intensive needs.”

“We listen to our customers and strive to build technology that
addresses their requirements–for both today and in the future,”
comments Dwight Kelly, president of Apago. “In addition to PDF
Enhancer’s added speed and power, the improved font handling and
color management give our customers more accurate color conversions,
including device-specific color conversions. These benefits mean
improved workflows and valuable time-savings in the long run.”
PDF Enhancer streamlines the creation of PDF documents by automating
the most common PDF document assembly and preparation tasks, which
previously required several applications and a great deal of manual
labor. The latest update now supports a wider range of device link
profiles, which enable finer control over color conversions such as
CMYK-to-CMYK transformations, giving customers more flexibility in
their workflows. Other notable features of this powerful production
tool include an industry-standard, ICC-based color conversion engine;
full-featured imposition; page box; and stamping managers.

Pricing for PDF Enhancer 3.5 Standard Edition is $199, Professional
Edition is $399, Server Edition is $999, and Advanced Server Edition
is $1,999. PDF Enhancer 3.5 is available as a free upgrade to
customers who previously purchased PDF Enhancer 3.x. Upgrade pricing
for earlier versions and free evaluation software are available at
www.apago.com/pdfenhancer. To order PDF Enhancer 3.5, visit