Parliant Corporation is now shipping PhoneValet Message Center 6.0,
the new version of the Mac telephony product for small businesses,
homes, and home offices. Features include: an automated attendant;
unlimited number of voice mail boxes; call blocking, recording,
logging and screening; automated dialing from the Mac OS X Address
Book and other third party applications and web pages; interactive
Voice Response (IVR) capabilities; the ability to change the IVR
greetings over the phone; and recorded messages that are emailed to

PhoneValet 6.0 will now call out (to a cell phone for example) to
deliver newly received messages directly to you, as soon as they’re
received. A different phone number to call can be set for each

With the new multi-platform features of PhoneValet 6, a business’s
collection of smartphones, various email viewers, land line phones,
cell phones, Macs, PCs, or any other computer platform that supports
current browsers such as Linux or Solaris — all become access points
to PhoneValet’s features, says Parliant President Kevin Ford.

Leveraging your existing investments, PhoneValet services are layered
on top of a business’s pre-existing investment in phones, be they
single line analog phones used at home, multi-line analog phones used
in many business, or the newly popular multi-lined, multi-handset
cordless phone systems, he adds. PhoneValet hardware permits a mix of
phone line technologies: standard analog lines from the traditional
phone company, cable company phone lines or with VoIP phone lines
with ATAs.

PhoneValet 6.0 retails at US$169.95 per telephone line, irrespective
of how many phone handsets, voice mail boxes or computer users are
involved. Each PhoneValet package includes Mac server software and
Parliant’s USB telephone adapter and is available from Parliant’s web
site (

PhoneValet 6.0 comes with a 30-day money-back customer satisfaction
guarantee. Some features described require the PhoneValet Anywhere
network server add-on, available for $59.95 per server, no matter how
many phone lines or how many users.

Users of previous releases of PhoneValet can upgrade for $39.95 per
line. Those who purchased PhoneValet 5.x after April 15 get a free
upgrade to 6.0.