Vaddio (, a designer and OEM distributor of
specialty PTZ cameras and high-end camera control systems used in the
broadcasting, audio/visual and videoconferencing industries, has
introduced today the new ProductionVIEW Precision Camera Controller.

Taking the existing ProductionVIEW Super Joystick a step further, the
Precision Camera Controller upgrades the robotic camera controller to
a broadcast-quality joystick for pan, tilt and zoom control. In
addition, it integrates CCU image control functionality into the
system, allowing users to control red and blue gain, detail, and iris
with adjustable gain. One-push white balance (OPWB), auto white
balance (AWB) and auto iris are also available to those who desire a
more automated image control system. The CCU control surface gives
system users real-time knobs and buttons to control each of these

Designed to control up to seven PTZ cameras, the Precision Camera
Controller can be used as a stand-alone device or in conjunction with
a variety of video switchers or mixers on the market today. In
addition, two Precision Camera Controllers can be linked together to
allow the user to control all cameras from either controller.

The system is capable of storing up to 14 preset pan, tilt and zoom
positions per camera. Two discrete control buses can be configured to
select PTZ cameras, as well as control an external switcher or mixer
via either RS-232 or tally outputs on the back of the console. You’ll
have to contact Vaddio for pricing.