Adobe is introducing Photoshop Marketplace to its customers,
connecting them directly to the Photoshop community and helping
extend the value of their Adobe software purchase, the company says.

Photoshop Marketplace is a centralized hub on where
visitors can find the most up-to-date listing of Photoshop resources
including products, tools, services, communities and events. Since
its introduction to partners and community leaders in April 2009,
more than 100 companies and organizations have applied to Photoshop
Marketplace and submitted over 300 individual offerings.

Users can now search and browse this comprehensive collection to find
specific plug-ins, locate local Photoshop workshops, events, or user
groups or discover new learning materials. The site is community
driven with all content provided by members of the Photoshop

Adobe encourages visitors to participate in the community by rating,
reviewing and commenting on the various resources. Users have the
ability to email information on their favorite products, communities
and services to others directly from the site and receive updates via
RSS feeds as Photoshop Marketplace continues to evolve and grow.

Photoshop Marketplace is available now at Additional information on
submitting Photoshop-related solutions can be found at Photoshop Marketplace is
available to users worldwide, in English only.