This week Toshiba’s Digital Products Division (DPD) introduced the DX1215, the company’s first all-in-one PC. Forget some options I’m a bit jealous of (an HDMI port and optional TV tuner), there’s one feature I REALLY wish Apple would add to the iMac: better speakers.

I haven’t actually heard the DX1215’s speakers, but they sound promising (pun intended). The Toshiba all-in-one has “a premium audio system with Onkyo stereo speakers professionally tuned by experts at Waves and featuring Waves MaxxAudio processors that provide users with unparalleled performance, delivering sound that is louder, clearer, fuller and more intelligible.”

“We are honored to work with Toshiba to tune the audio system in its first All-in-One desktop for the U.S. market to create an impressive audio experience,” said Tomer Elbaz, general manager of Waves Semiconductor and Licensing Division. “Whether listening to music, watching a movie, playing a game or talking on Skype, users expect superior performance and advanced features. The new Toshiba DX1215, powered by Waves MaxxAudio processors, takes All-in-One PC sound to the next level.”

Sure, that’s part hype. And the iMac’s current stereo speakers are actually quite decent. But with the glorious HD screen Apple’s all-in-one sports, I’d love to see the company make some serious audio upgrades in future models.

With laptops overtaking desktop computers in popularity, Apple has the chance to re-invent its flagship desktop by offering premium audio speakers (or at least as premium as built-in speakers can get), perhaps with an optional subwoofer (and I wouldn’t mind an optional TV tuner). After all, Apple is all about small and slim. Eliminating the need for a set of external speakers would certainly make the iMac even sexier.

— Dennis Sellers