LaCie ( has announced three new lines of mobile
and desktop hard drive bags — the LaCie Cover, LaCie Coat and LaCie
Cozy, all designed by Sam Hecht. They’re made with different
materials, for varying levels of protection.

Designed for lightweight protection and mobility, the LaCie Cover
provides a soft, thin, second skin for your hard drive. It also
sports an inside accessory pocket mean for storing cables.

Designed for versatility, the LaCie Coat offers a padded bubble
pattern and a design that allows users to reverse the Coat, revealing
the inner sueded fabric, for two bags in one. A hidden pocket allows
users to keep their cables and accessories close.

Alternately, for users who desire robust hard drive protection, the
LaCie Cozy offers a sturdy outer layer. Made of EVA, it has a rigid
exterior and a flexible outside pocket for carrying bulky
peripherals, supplies, and accessories. The inside of the Cozy shows
a softer side, lined with memory foam to protect hard drives from
shocks and jolts. An extra pocket can be found in the interior to
offer additional storage for small accessories, such as cables.

The LaCie Cover, Coat, and Cozy come in various colors and sizes
including: 2.5-inch bags, which can hold mobile hard drives like the
LaCie Little Disk; and 3.5-inch bags for desktop hard drives like the
LaCie Rugged XL and its accessories. Customers can choose from a
variety of colors including: black, gray, red, orange (for the Coat)
and red, black, and gray (for the Cozy).

The LaCie Cover, Coat and Cozy hard drive bags will be available
through the LaCie Online Store, LaCie Reseller+ or LaCie Storage
Partners starting at the suggested retail price of US$8.90.