Jahia (http://www.jahia.com), today launched
Jahia Enterprise Edition v6 – its latest Web
Content Integration Software. The offering hosts
an array of new enterprise features on a
subscription basis. This enterprise ready product
delivers scalability, high availability, and
performance, together with support for enterprise
stack, server and storage. The Jahia multi-source
Web Content Integration strategy and enterprise
offerings reach a new level with the Jahia United
Content Bus.

The Jahia EE v6 release delivers:

– New enterprise ready features, built upon the
Jahia Community Edition v6, provide a
well-integrated combination of:

° Powerful Web Content Management System with an
improved front-end user interfaces, with the
latest in Web 2.0 technologies. This intuitive
interface (using full insight-editing environment
built in Ajax with inline editing capabilities)
provides ease of use and active readiness.

° Advanced Document Management module based on a
strong and standard base (JCR) back-end

°Advanced Portal features relying on Apache Pluto
2.0 and JSR286 portlet standards with a
centralized Mashup repository to collect manage
and share Mashups, RSS, Gadgets in an easy way
using Ajax drag and drop capabilities.

New Enterprises capabilities:

° Support of Enterprise production
environment, e.g.: Websphere, BEA and JBoss
Application Servers, Red Hat Enterprise 5.0,
Windows Server 2008, Solaris 10, Ubuntu7.10, AIX
and Debian 4 Operating System, MySQL 5, Oracle
10G, MS SQL, DB2, Sybase, PostGres 8.1 databases,

° Support of Enterprise architecture: distant
server publication,dynamic clustering with
authoring / browsing environment separation,
OpenLdap and Active Directory User directories
native connection, CAS, Kerberos, NTLM
Single Sign-on standards settings.

°New Enterprise Offering with the Jahia United
Content Bus: Jahia’s flag ship product for
Enterprise Web Content Integration may now be
connected to a new product allowing various
content and various technologies (proprietary or
not) management, within one simple united
interface- more to come at Gilbane San Francisco
on June 2-4

The Jahia Enterprise Edition v6 is available
immediately, with straightforward pricing for
low-, middle-, and high-end projects:

A free trial of Jahia Enterprise Edition v6 can
be downloaded at: